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Site of the Month (The Net, June 1996)

http://atlas.organic.com (now https://atlasmagazine.com)

The Net Site of the Month

Just about all artists and writers dream about having their own publication, a journal they have control over, in which they can publish the work of fellow artists based on its merits rather than how well it's been accepted by art critics. Unfortunately, publishing requires a good deal of capital, which mostly goes for printing and distribution, and that means advertiser support, with all the inherent loss of content control this implies. But the relatively inexpensive publishing medium of the Web has allowed Olivier Laude to achieve that dream of a true artist's publication. @tlas is dedicated to publishing various visual arts works in the categories of photography, illustration, design, and multimedia.

According to Olivier, “I have always dreamed of publishing a paper magazine that would be beautifully printed, cover stories (photo-journalistic and documentary) in-depth, and be designed by the best in the business.” And with a number of talented artists - whose works have appeared in publications such as The National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine—already on the fledgling site, @tlas is shaping up nicely into Laude's vision. "These kinds of ideas do not really emerge from publishing conglomerates because they are afraid of hybrids that do not fit the niches within the market," says Olivier, explaining why he's chosen to become a publisher.

The concept and content are great, but it wouldn't be a Site of the Month if it weren't for the excellent graphic design of Amy Franceschini and Michael Macrone. Amy's work has included a special site for the last San Francisco mayoral elections entitled Electomatic (http://www. electomatic.com), while Michael is a very experienced graphic designer in the print medium, as well as the author of six books. Olivier has worked as a professional photojournalist for the last three years; some of his work is in the photography section of @tlas. But while publishing a Web site is inexpensive, it isn't free, and Olivier is already hitching up his capitalist train. @tlas recently gained Organic Online (http://www.organic.com) as an official sponsor to. provide server space for the site. According to Olivier, “We want to turn commercial and sell advertising." O.K., Olivier, we all know that making money can be a nice thing, but keep your hands on those editorial controls. —WKC



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First published in The Net magazine (June, 1996)

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