Michael Macrone
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Interactive Design Annual 3

(Communication Arts, September–October 1997)
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@tlas is an online magazine of photography, new media, animation and design created to showcase compelling new content on the Web. Created by artists themselves, the intent of @tlas is to push the limits of all forms of creative media on the Internet. The site's content ranges from Japanese culture to Hindu pop iconology.

Amy Franceschini / Olivier Laude, creative directors
Amy Franceschini, graphic designer
Ken Coupland / Julie Windkur, writers
Catherine Karnow / Ed Kashi / Olivier Laude, photographers
Mike Bartalos / Tim Carroll / Thorina Rose, illustrators
Henrik Dresher, animator
Amy Franceschini / Michael Macrone, interface designers
Michael Macrone, programmer
Mike Bartalos / Olivier Laude / Raoul Ollman, video directors
Mike Bartalos, digital video producer
Terbo Ted, music composer/sound editor
@tlas web design, multimedia production company
@tlas, client

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