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Interactive Design Annual 2

(Communication Arts, September–October 1996)
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On the following pages are screen grabs, descriptions and creative credits of the winners of our second design competition for interactive media. Thirty-one projects were selected by our jury from the 450 entries originally submitted. A CD-ROM showcasing the winning entries is included with this issue. Biographies, interviews of the jury and a description of the judging process appear in the Editor's Column on page 10. A complete index of the creatives involved in each project begins on page 192.

New media has evolved considerably in the past twelve months, primarily due to the World Wide Web's emergence as a major communications vehicle. In addition to viewing numerous Web sites among this year's winners, you'll also see that creativity continues to expand the limits of navigation and interface design.



@tlas is an online magazine of photography, multimedia, design and illustration on the World Wide Web. The debut issue, published in November, 1995, was a showcase for photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers. Future issues will place greater emphasis on editorial content and less on portfolio presentations

Olivier Laude, creative director
Amy Franceschini, graphic designer
Michael Macrone / Olivier Laude, writers
Olivier Laude / Ed Kashi / George Steinmetz / Michael Yamashita /
Karen Kasmauski / Catherine Karnow, photographers
Thorina Rose / Tim Carroll / Michael Bartalos, illustrators
Bob Aufuldish / Post Tool Design, animators
Tom Bland, music composer
Amy Franceschini / Olivier Laude, interface designers
Michael Macrone, programmer
@tlas Web Design, multimedia production company
@tlas Magazine, client

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