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Naughty Shakespeare (cover)

Naughty Shakespeare

Cader Books / Andrews & McMeel 1997
Cover and Illustrations by Tom Lulevitch
Also published in the U.K.
Will's Naughty Theater
Bloody Shakespeare
"O Happy Dagger": Promoting Suicide
Down with the Establishment!
Rotten Rulers and Other Problematic Authority Figures
Lost Scenes from Shakespeare's Histories
The Peculiar Case of Sir John Falstaff
Saucy Priests and Nuns' Lips
“God's Lid” and Other Offensive Oaths
Censors at Work
Racist, Anti-Semite, Xenophobe?
Dishes and Devils
Family Values Watch
Horny Shakespeare
Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics and Bawdy Banter
A Note on Unnatural Acts
Shakespeare's Lewd Lexicon