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Crossing America (cover)

Crossing America

APA / Prentice Hall, 1986
Edited by Robert Seidenberg
1st Edition, Paperback : APA / Prentice Hall, 1986
ISBN: 0131947133
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3rd Edition, Paperback : Houghton Mifflin, 1993
ISBN: 0395662540
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Published in numerous translations; the French edition is pictured here.
Introduction and History
North Travel Route
East Coast Travel Route
South Travel Route
Urban Georgia
Alabama : The Cotton State
The Gulf Coast : American Riviera
New Orleans : International Gumbo
Acadiana’s Bayous
East Texas : Port, Resort, Capital
Dallas : Boom Town
West Texas
New Mexico : Land of Enchantment
Southern Arizona
Phoenix : Valley of the Sun
North Central Arizona
West Travel Route
Guide in Brief