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in The Book of Weirdo
by Jon B. Cooke  |  Last Gasp, April 2019
I contributed an overview of the birth and history of the classic ’80s comix magazine, Weirdo, which was edited in turn by Robert Crumb, Peter Bagge, and Aline Kominsky-Crumb. Jon Cooke has produced a mangificent and comprehensive look at the people and work; highly recommended to all weirdos!
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The Book of Weirdo

My debut album, Icicles and Sand, was released on Fiesta Red Records in 2016.
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Package design for
The Eerie Shore
by Globe Factory No. 23
(Fiesta Red FR-012, October 2017)
The Eerie Shore CD label
The Eerie Shore digipak
The Eerie Shore CD label

Poster design for Fiesta Red Records' early-2016 releases: